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About Danny Vice

Winning Horse Racing Capper? YES.
Winning Basketball Capper? YES.
Winning Football Capper? YES.
Winning Baseball Capper? YES.
Danny’s Been Around. Danny’s A Winner. His Record Says It All!

A little about Danny “The Hitman” Vice…
Over the years, Danny “The Hitman” Vice has been directly involved at all levels of the game. You see, I grew up in the sports betting and horse industry, LITERALLY!
I learned the industry and I learned all the x-factors to successfully form the betting lines in sports. I’m talking, weather information, track conditions, field conditions, jockey information, injury reports, coaching strategies, and player power ratings.

My clients have always been top priority, the line, the chalk, the odds.

Let’s face it, sports betting is a bottom line business…The more accurate the line, the better action, and the better returns.
So you see how I grew up in the business.
I ran a Las Vegas Sports Consultants for several solid years until eventually I moved out of Vegas onto the East Coast and never looked back. Still have plenty of connections tho, shout out to my Wolf Pack in Vegas!
It’ll be very hard for you to find offers like this anywhere else. That’s a fact! I’m a man of my word and I know how to take care of my people! My Line Killers have done their homework day in and day out and now it’s time for you to take advantage of it!
No matter how you dice it, I’ve undoubtedly developed a knack for handicapping professional and college sports, and horse racing. Join my team and I won’t let you down.

Now for the first time ever, I have gone public with my highly accurate, and extremely select picks. The same picks I play myself.
Membership will open for just a limited time to protect the integrity of the payouts.
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