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We provide you with some great Major League Baseball handicapping data such as news, weather, injury reports, umpires, recent transactions, team reports, trend sheets, against the spread (ATS) standings, hot and not, recaps, previews, and tons more.

For all of your baseball consulting advice we provide you with the best MLB picks in daily, weekly, monthly, and season baseball picks packages to fulfill your baseball betting needs. If you prefer to speak to a Line Killer Guru you can call direct (800) 566-1292

Line Killers Club

Private Inner Circle Club

630 Club

Daily Plays: $25.00


Weekly Plays: $99.00


Monthly Plays: $349.00


Season Pass: $1999.00


Daily Plays: $45.00


Weekly Plays: $199.00


Monthly Plays: $650.00


Season Pass: $2900.00


Daily: $255.55 per play
Only 10 slots available.
(800) 566-1292
Must call for discount.


New Clients only: $1500.00


Parlay Calculator

For those of you who like to bet baseball parlays, you can calculate parlay and figure out your net return with the parlay calculator.

Team Lines Factor
Winnings ($):

Enter the moneyline of your plays into the lines column.

Favorites must have a minus in front of line, such as -110, -120, etc.

Underdogs, just enter the price, such as 160.

Don’t enter anything into factor boxes.

Enter the bet amount in Bet($) box

Click on Calculate Parlay to display the net win amount. The net is the total amount returned for a winning bet, which is the actual bet amount plus winnings.

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to calculate a parlay.
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